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Noah's Way Exotic Petting Zoo

Noah's Way Exotic Petting  Zoo will bring and display many animals from all over the globe; allowing fair visitors the opportunity to view the animals up close and interact by feeding and touching them.   Along with a stage show several times daily showcasing the many animals, zoo personnel will be on-site for teaching and educating the public facts about individual animals.

Zoo consists of deer, antelope, kangaroos, wallabies, llamas, alpacas, sheep, camel, and exotic cattle. In addition; you will find mini goats, horses and occasionally a zebra, baby bison, yak or even a tortoise.  All animals are hand raised and love interaction with people.

Noah's Way Exotic Petting Zoo Open 9am - 9pm Daily


Historic Stillwater Trolley

Enjoy FREE Rides around the beautiful Isanti County Fairgrounds daily on the Historic Stillwater Trolley.


Ms. Jazz-ee


Welcome and thank you for sharing your smiles. I have been sharing my clown smiles since 1991. I enjoy sharing my smiles and talents with everyone I come in contact with. When I share my clowning and balloon art with children of all ages, I receive back smiles and grins of all shapes and sizes. My balloon art is known for its creativity, color and flair. Some of my most requested creations are monkey in a banana tree, mouse on an airplane, wacky hats, and the very special balloon flower bouquets.


Bummle Bee the Transformer


Watch for Bumble Bee the Transformer roaming around the fair!


ABC Theatre Company

ABC (A Bunch of Characters) Theatre Company is an inter-generational amateur theatre company with a preference for historical and classic productions.

Formed in 2008, the company is located in the Cambridge-Isanti Minnesota area. Their mission is to produce plays that provide opportunities for inter-generational involvement and family participation.  They strive to include, educate and train those who may not have had the opportunity to be involved in theatrical productions in the past. 

Currently, they are taking one of their original productions on the road.  Artistic Director, Dawn Holmquist wrote "Pickled or Pickles?" in 2012 for the 135th Anniversary of the Isanti County Fair. The play is set in Cambridge during the summer of 1894 when a mysterious shanty appears on the north side of town and no one will admit who built it. The women are sure that the men are up to no good, but do nothing until a speaker from the Woman's Christian Temperance Union stirs them into action. Filled with familiar melodies and fun choreography, a cast of 20 talented actors will perform this show "free of charge".

Early American Pottery Demonstration

Everyone will enjoy seeing, learning and participating in this traditional early trade. 

Historical Pottery in a charming 1800’s setting. Regina Delarm from Torrington, CT, has over 40 years of pottery experience … everything you wanted to know about clays and pottery in your area and everywhere! While she spins her pottery on an authentic 1800s wooden treadle wheel using tools and methods perfected by past tradesmen, she will talk to visitors about history of pottery in the United States.  Watch, learn and participate in this time honored trade common to most people and yet not commonly seen in this venue.

Roger Abrahamson - Craftsman & Teacher

Entertaining, Historical, Educational and Unique!

Roger Abrahamson is a unique professional demonstrating craftsman and teacher. He performs wooden bowl turning on a human powered spring pole lathe, a lost art dating back thousands of years.  Roger is a highly skilled artist and tradesman. He is also an engaging, natural demonstrator who enjoys educating an audience about wood and the nature of work and craft. His presentation is a continuous demonstration of how woodworking was done before machines and factories. Rather than being retail focused, this is a working shop producing product while observers are mesmerized by the motion of the lathe and the skill of the operator. Stepping into the space, people are entering into a quieter, simpler world, surrounded by the smells of fresh wood, beeswax and pine tar.

Roger’s presentation consists of splitting a locally harvested fresh hardwood log, rough shaping the split with a hand axe, then turning the roughed out wood on a foot powered spring pole lathe, all the while explaining to an enraptured audience the how’s and whys of each step and answering the many questions that occur to people as they observe this trade. The shavings quickly pile up as a beautiful and functional new wooden bowl takes shape.

Bringing MN History to Life

Doug Ohman, a Minnesota photographer, author and storyteller who has developed entertaining and educational presentations bringing Minnesota history to life.  Doug will share stories, and interesting historical information about some of Minnesota’s most treasured buildings and sites.  He will have five presentations during the fair:

STATE PARKS OF MINNESOTA (Sat. 1 pm) Go on a Minnesota vacation with photographer, Doug Ohman as he explores many of the state’s most interesting state parks.  Doug has visited all 66 parks and has photos, stories, history and personal adventures to share.

BARNS OF MINNESOTA (Sat.3 pm)  Minnesota's barns are remarkable testaments to a Midwestern way of life, one centered on the land, work, family, ingenuity, and perseverance. Many think of barns as breathtaking landmarks along the byways. Others have their favorite barns—the well-kept, red dairy barn near St. Cloud, the faded horse barn on the way to Faribault. Still others know these structures more intimately: barns are as integral to their lives as family and home. Doug Ohman showcases the vast array of these exceptional landmarks, built by hand in wood, stone, brick, or metal and dating back as far as 1880. This story is told through photographs and histories that will bring you back to the farm and explain the importance of our rural roots.

COURTHOUSES OF MINNESOTA (Sat. 5 pm)  They stand at once as silent reminders of time past as well as the hub of our daily lives. They are the focus of activity in every county—the site of political speeches, holiday parades, and community picnics. They are the courthouses of Minnesota’s eighty-seven counties. Tell the story of these distinctly American structures, symbols of the ways Minnesotans live under the law—with justice, equality, and fairness. 

VANISHING LANDMARKS (Sun.1 pm) Travel the back roads and small towns with Doug as he explores the stories and history of Minnesota through historic buildings that are quickly disappearing.  He will share information along with his own experiences about a variety of sites from Minnesota’s oldest Courthouse to the last Civil War recruiting station.

CEMETERIES OF MINNESOTA (Sun. 3 pm) Doug has explored a part of Minnesota’s history that many of us are fascinated with, but may know little about.  Walk with him as he photographs cemeteries and uncovers stories of the forgotten. Learn where the only Revolutionary War soldier to die in Minnesota is buried.  What is the difference between a cemetery and a graveyard?  Doug with also share interesting history and meaning of the designs carved on old gravestones.


Magician Kelvin Saline

Magician Kelvin Saline brings his Magic Village to events of all kinds. Kelvin's "magical extravaganza" features audience participation, comedy, ventriloquism, and magical illusions which he has been performing for over 30 years. Kelvin keeps to the traditional types of magic and illusions through appearing, disappearing, sawing through a live person, escapes, and several original tricks that delight young and old.

4-H Drill Team

Watch the Exciting performances of the Isanti CO. 4-H Drill Team!

The drill team is an equestrian group that performs choreographed patterns to music.  It consists of any amount of riders from third grade to young adults in their 1st year in college. They all have various levels of experience from beginners to advanced riders as well as from different disciplines, western pleasure, English pleasure, western heritage and game riders.   Their performances include large group and quad groups, which are smaller groups In English attire.  Established in 1998, the 4-H teams started by only performing at the county fair but have now expanded to performing at the state level at the Minnesota State 4-H horse show.  The only grades that can perform at the state level are sixth to young adults in their 1st year of college.  The drill team practices twice a week at the fairgrounds starting in May and then performs in July at the County fair.  The older group goes on to the Minnesota state horse show in September.  Their coach “Vicky Kram”, claims “this group of 4-Hers are hardworking, dedicated and a fun group to coach”.  Vicky, has been a 4-H leader and volunteer for many years.  We are proud of the leadership she shows to our 4-H children.  If you get the pleasure of watching the drill teams perform, try to thank some of our dedicated volunteers!

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